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grill-boutique | Monday, 06 February 2012 21:50

The Concept

The Gaucho Ranch “Grill Boutique” retail concept is currently running from Gaucho Ranch’s
loft-warehouse in Miami, its place of inception in South Florida after the relocation of the brand’s
operation from New York. The boutique’s central commercial line gravitates around the supply of
premium organic meats under a chic stylish setting.

Gaucho Ranch is the first, and sole, local provider of grass-fed beef from Uruguay (Hereford breed)
and it’s the only retail concept of its kind in the area. This characteristic and a comprehensive
marketing strategy have resulted in the growth of Gaucho Ranch’s retail sales at a yearly rate
of 30-40% since 2009.

Gaucho Ranch’s lounge like ambiance with beats of electronic-tango, high ceilings, artsy-modern
decor and highly personalized client interaction, deliver the service and intimacy of a local boutique.
Clients can engage in a conversation about grilling tips or the health benefits of natural grass-fed
beef when shopping, all while having available at the boutique, an array of other food and grill-related

Health-conscious “grill aficionados” have a one-stop shop for fine organic meats, selective wines,
premium olive oils, imported mustards, sea salts, cage-free eggs, and a variety of imported and
locally produced cheeses. Capitalizing on the richness of the tradition of the South American
Gaucho, the concept expands to include items representative of the culture like chimichurri,
yerba mate, alfajores and dulce de leche. Grills, charcoal, burning wood, and grilling related
utensils and books are also available.

The boutique’s merchandise also introduces the popular Argentinean designer brand “NoBrand”.
This line delivers Argentinean iconographic items like wine openers, aprons, unique mate cups,
grilling note-books, t-shirts, key chains and trendy magnets. This designer exclusive merchandise
adds another dimension of goods available at the store.

The availability of new products, along with our natural grass-fed beef cuts carried since the
beginning, have made Gaucho Ranch’s “Grill Boutique” a recognized, one stop trendy organic meat shop.

Gaucho Ranch’s most recent “key” affiliations include:
• Acclaimed sommelier Charlie Arturaola will be selecting Gaucho Ranch’s wine cellar.
• The inclusion of “Free Bird” organic chicken from Amish country and locally raised
“Organic Turkey” to our meat selection.
• The development of new Gaucho Ranch products like the “Organic Pork Sausage”, a best
seller at the boutique, and also the “Matambre” (stuffed rolled flank). These were developed in
association with Argus Foods, a state of the art, Miami based, USDA inspected plant.
• The inclusion of Grass-fed Wagyu beef from Uruguayan meat provider “Grasslands”.
All cuts will be available exclusively at Gaucho Ranch.

The next step for Gaucho Ranch “Grill Boutique” is to bring sales to a higher volume from its
current retail-warehouse location by establishing a "flag ship" retail store in a denser traffic area.
We are looking for the ideal space to develop the full retail concept in the Miami area first.
The zones that best suit the concept are Midtown, Design District, The Biscayne Corridor, and Aventura.
The Gaucho Ranch’s "flag ship" store is intended to be the platform and original model to create
a polished “retail gem” that can be replicated in other United States cities.

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