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Administrator | Thursday, 26 August 2010 18:25

Daphne D.

"I've been buying from Gaucho Ranch for more than a year now. The quality of the meat is absolutely top-notch. In addition to the benefits of grass-fed beef -- higher levels of Omega 3, CLA's, Vitamin E and Beta Carotene -- it's simply a much tastier beef. The NY Strip steaks, flap steak and tenderloin are spectacular! And the chorizos and chimichurri. Yummm!"

Kareem T.

"Saying good things about Gaucho Ranch is easy cause they're all true: Unsurpassed in quality, taste, value Gaucho meat is awesome."

Rusty J.

"Either for a special night for the two of you or that backyard cookout.  Gaucho Ranch should be you go to place."

Jordan N.

"they really do bring in the top-of-the-line cuts of beef
that if there was a Miss Universe for Steaks, this would be the Miss Venezuela candidate!"  "Either for a special night for the two of you or that backyard cookout.  Gaucho Ranch should be you go to place."

Sherie B.

"For real. Not being a huge meat eater, the beef at Gauch Ranch is the closest you will get to a healthy piece of meat.
All of their cuts of beef are from cattle fed a natural, pesticide free diet of grass and flowers."

Sonia G.

This is THE place for meat. Any cut, any style. Fresh, grass-fed
& incredibly tasty. You'll never buy your beef anywhere else.

Sabrina Anna C.

"It melts in your mouth and is absolutely all I want to eat from now on."

Esther G.

The star of the night, though, was definitely the meat. Once you've had organic, grass-fed beef from Uruguay, there's really no coming back.

Ana Cristina

"The prices are the same as if you'd order a decent steak at a restaurant,
so you feel like you're getting a good deal. No, a great deal...Because this is the best beef you'll ever eat."

Abigail W.

"The strip steak and ribeye that I tried was delicious! I especially liked the hearty
smoky flavor of the steaks (which was the result of wood chip grilling)."

Christian L.

Great beef and excellent, friendly, down to earth service. The staff was very attentive and genuinely
wanted to know what you thought of the meat.
It was delicious - very tender and flavorful.

Jordan N.

"Those yummy grass-fed steaks that just makes you feel
like you're cleansing your body with organic and healthy meat goodness! I'm sure vegetarians
won't understand this statement, but oy vey! They were soft, tasty,
and melt-in-your mouth - especially in particular the ribeye cut..."

Brian F.

" I have been used to eating generic grocery store steaks with an occasional night out at a steak house.
It was good to have that type of quality steak delivered to my doorstep!"

Carmen L.

"the beef is amazingly lean! it's also tasty”i thought it could be because of my cooking :)"

Stanley F.

I was astonished by the flavor, a deep rich beefy flavor that was absolute delicious, different, yet familiar.
The texture was a joy. Firm yet tender, juicy, every bite filling my mouth with more of that superb flavor.
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